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Welcome to Sakuracities - Hire a Translator. This is a small site where people can hire me to translate projects from Japanese to English. My current rate is $.05 per Japanese character. I accept Paypal.

Update June 17, 2014:
Updated the Projects list.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Japanese in 2008 and lived in Japan for a short while. I've been translating professionally since 2010. The best way to assess whether you're satisfied with my skills or not is to look at the projects I have worked on. I keep my personal projects updated at Onadoru Euphoria.

Unfortunately I can't give an estimate of how long it will take to translate anything without seeing what it is first. As you can see on my site, my average turnaround time for each chapter of Patalliro (30 pages) is usually about a week, but I can work much faster than that.
I also reserve the right to refuse a project for any reason (for example: if the scans are too blurry to read). I'm willing to look at doujinshi and pornographic material.

You can do anything you want with the translations I give you. Make scanlations, put them on your site, print them and make paper airplanes... I don't care. I also reserve the rights to my translations.

Please e-mail me at emeryl (at) sakuracities.com with "Translations" in the subject line if you're interested in learning more.

Need to contact me?
E-mail: emeryl (at) sakuracities.com
AIM: Emeryl Tekutsu

Image in the header drawn by Izumi.